Listen to Jamie

I’m currently presenting two music shows per week on Radio Sunderland.

Feeling festive for the Christmas Eve edition of Ward Call!

Monday 8-9pm: I’m usually one of two hosts on Ward Call, a request and dedication show which airs most nights on Radio Sunderland. Occasionally the people I work with get lucky and I’m not there, but usually I will be one of the two voices on Monday night’s show.

Wednesday 9-10pm: I host Remember When on Wednesday nights as well. This show is written and produced entirely by myself, and it’s become something of a baby to me. These episodes are repeated 1-2pm on a Thursday afternoon as well. I play a selection of number one hits from a given year in the past, and throw in a load of facts, trivia and sporting events from that year as well, and your job is to work out what year I’m focusing on before the big reveal at the end. The last song is always the biggest selling single of the year in question. This show is a lot of fun, but it is still (hopefully) getting better with each new episode. A sample of one episode of Remember When can be heard on my Radio & TV Portfolio page.


As well as these two regular weekly music shows, I can usually be heard in some capacity on the radio station whenever Sunderland AFC have a home match. Sometimes I am in the studio offering information on things like Sunderland’s performances since their last home game, and other north east team’s fixtures and news.

Sometimes I can be heard direct from the Stadium of Light doing the commentary on the action. Sometimes I even do both, largely thanks to a mix of incredible efficiency and the wonders of modern technology.

Unfortunately, the football coverage is only broadcast to the hospital bedside units and not online due to Premier League licensing, but if you are unfortunate enough to find yourself in one of the beds at Sunderland Royal, or in Durham too, then you will be able to tune in and listen to me rambling on about a load of blokes kicking a ball around a football pitch.