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Radio Portfolio

Radio Sunderland For Hospitals

Remember When

See Listen to Jamie for more info on this show. Basically it is my own show made exclusively for Radio Sunderland. Episodes are 1 hour long, but the sample here is edited back due to music licensing.

University Work

Radio work at uni will go in here

TV Portfolio

University Work

My Year 2 University Assignment – TV

This is what I handed in for my TV assignment for my second year of Sports Journalism at Southampton Solent University.

I have removed the public interviews in this instance as I have not requested their blessing to put this online, so all you can see are my news bulletins.

Quality may not be the best – the original was filmed in nigh-on HD using the studios at Solent Uni, but this version has been compressed greatly in order to accommodate its fitting onto my memory stick.

My Year 1 University Assignment – TV

This is my only segment on the Year 1 TV assignment, as I was the editor (though I had to be seen to have made an actual contribution to the news show).